Dynamic Database

Dynamic Database is a Swisscom “database as a service” – offering, which is provided out the Swisscom cloud. The following lines show how to create, connect and use a Dynamic Database inside your DDC(s). Please refer additionally to the Dynamic Database Service Description for detailed description about the configuration parameters.

Dynamic DB

Integration of Dynamic Database in DDC

For integration, please follow the described path:

Step Action Where to do
1 Create a Dynamic database network DCS Portal
2 Create a Dynamic Database DCS Portal
3 Connect VM to the dynamic database network VCD

Dynamic Database options

Please refer to Dynamic Database Service Description for choosing the right size and availability option.

Dynamic Database usage in several DDCs

In the owning DDC (the network which was created under Step 1), the Dynamic database network is automatically connected and shown in the VCD. Further DDCs may be enabled to use the Dynamic database network as well. For doing that, declare the previously defined Dynamic database network as “shared” in VCD. As result, the network will be visible and be used in all DDC’s.

Security information: When doing that, the dynamic database network is visible in ALL customer DDC’s. This visibility cannot be limited.

Dynamic Database sample configurations

Please refer to the following sample configurations for getting an impression about possible setups:

DDC Setup1: 1 VM with 2 dynamic databases

1 VM with 2 dynamic DBs

DDC Setup 2: several VM’s with several Dynamic Databases

Multiple VMs with multiple dynamic DBs

Please see Dynamic Database service description for more information.

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